About Us
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It is the Mission of Tuzos Recreational Soccer to build a community of soccer players who promote respect for the game, understanding and teamwork while working to develop their futbol intelligence quotient in a high energy, problem solving  environment.


We define our success as providing players with early, positive experiences with futbol that lead toward lifelong physical and mental health.


Tuzos Recreational Soccer recognizes that players need to play futbol in an environment that gives them the freedom to have fun and explore the game with creativity.  


Player development philosophy is a long-term approach that keeps winning in perspective and means focusing on the bigger picture for each season, every year.


A strong strong Recreational Club is a platform for individual and group success.  We are proud to positively represent our Recreation and increase Community involvement.  


Respect for teammates, opponents, officials, parents and staff is always a top priority.  We are taking charge of futbol in our communities to support and encourage our players to make a positive impact on their futures.  


 The Tuzos Recreational Soccer experience is one in which every athlete:


  • is mentored using the principles of player-centered coaching

  • has fun playing the game

  • learns the skills, tactics and strategies of the game

  • improves as a player

  • learns life lessons that have value beyond the playing field